Louisburgh Community Futures

Louisburgh Community Futures is an active working group which is part of the Mayo Community Futures Network. Community Future groups aim to benefit and improve small communities.

Contact us at  lcommunityfutures@gmail.com

See our updated Action Plan here

See our 2018 Action Plan Progress Report here

The features of a Community Futures Group are:

A clear statement about our community

Community Action Plans prepared with the full involvement of the community provide a clear statement of the community’s needs and aspirations. People often think they know what these are but they are rarely written down in a community owned plan that has been prepared following on from detailed community consultation.

Evidence for funding priority projects
The Plans identify the projects that the community as a whole thinks are most important for the
future of their community. As such the plans help to answer the funder’s most asked question –
how do you know this (project or service) is important to the community?
Strengthen our ability to represent the community
Community Action Plans enable community organisations, councillors and others to represent the
community at area, county or national meetings. They have a document that clearly states what
the main views of the community are and they are less easily dismissed as perhaps not being fully
representative or just talking about their own pet projects or coming from just one perspective.
A guide for public agencies plans and service delivery
Community Action Plans serve as a useful guide to public agencies interested in ensuring that their
own plans and services are sensitive to community needs and aspirations. The Community Futures
Action Plans are ‘brokered’ by the County Development Board and feed into strategic planning
across the County.
Getting more people involved in the community
One of the aims of the Community Futures planning process is to involve more community people in
thinking about and discussing the future of their community. This usually leads to more people
becoming involved in taking forward the projects that are identified through this participatory

Strengthening community organisations
A direct result of this participation is that more people become involved in existing and new
community organisations. This can help take the burden off the handful of individuals who are often
at the forefront of much of the work in the community