Louisburgh Joins The Battle Against Global Warming

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Recent newspaper reports indicate that we, the Irish tax payers, are facing fines of up to €600 million per year due to our failure to meet our target of 20% carbon dioxide emissions reduction by the year 2020.  In fact we are expected to reduce emissions by less than 1% below 1995 levels. The Government has decided to encourage local communities to organise themselves into local Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) tasked with taking action to help in achieving future targets.

Louisburgh Community Futures with the participation of Killeen Community Council have formed a Louisburgh SEC.  A steering committee, which includes representatives from various local interest groups, has recently been established.  The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has awarded them a grant to cover the cost of a study of local energy usage and to prepare a Master Plan.  This Plan will show how we can minimise our Carbon Footprint by reducing our dependence on fossil fuel generated energy and provide renewable energy sources.

The SEC has already begun work in co-operation with Louisburgh Community Housing Association to install highly efficient condensing boilers, insulating walls and attics, improving ventilation and replacing some windows in the houses.  All lighting units have also been fitted with LED lamps.

Another campaign will shortly be started to get all homes and businesses in the Louisburgh area to convert to LED lighting.  Local business are responding favourably to this initiative.

Local information evenings will he held shortly where households can learn details and costs of energy cutting measures that could be availed of. Anyone interested in this project should contact Louisburgh Community Futures at  email address  lcommunityfutures@gmail.com or Killeen Community Council at email address killeencc@gmail.com.

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